Artificial Grass

Whoever said you must grow your own grass was wrong. If you visit our Showrooms we will show you a wide range of artificial grass that has been made to suit you and your specific need.

Our Grass comes from manufactures such as Belgotex and Van Dyck, these factories are also concerned about your leisure time that's why they want to provide you with the greenest grass and you know that you don't have to mow the lawn.

Van Dyck artificial grass is ideal for use at home and in the business as it never needs to be cut, always looks good and is absolutely simple to keep maintained. One of the major benefits of artificial grass is that it doesnt need to be watered and looks almost exactly like real grass. In fact many cannot tell the difference without taking a close look.
Constructed out of durable, tufted polyethylene yarn, DuraTurf is available in a range of pile heights, and is suitable for multiple applications. Nine DuraTurf products are currently available in South Africa. Which is most suited to your needs?