At Flor Pro we pride ourselves with the elegance of our fitted floors, be it Carpets or Wood we will install only the best floors that will give you the same sense of pride that we feel

Our Laminated flooring comes from a diverse group of manufacturers with some material being sourced internationally. The different laminates and wooden floors that we have installed include

Balterio: it comes in different ranges like the Authentic Style, Conference, Granduer, Magnitude and Traditions. In this range you will find the 2 side V Groove and 4 sided V Groove. These floors come with a high warranty and they are made to last you for a long time.
Style’s Solid Bamboo flooring combines the beauty of nature with innovative technology to bring you a range of exciting flooring solutions for your home. Created from 100% sustainable and renewable bamboo, Style flooring is manufactured using our patented Style Green Technology™ to transform the original exotic grass into a premium quality, high performance flooring material.
BerryAlloc manufactures a wide range of laminate flooring, all the top class in their respective categories. Among this wide range of laminate floors you find BerryAlloc`s High Pressure Laminate floors or High Performance floors, as we like to call them.
Wood flooring is one of the most important elements to consider when you wish to create a specific look in your interior. Kährs therefore develop and design a multitude of floors to suit all tastes and styles.
Home. That's a house with your personal touch. Your heart and soul. Your ideas and inspiration. a place that reflects your personality. Where the living is easy. a collection of rooms, each furnished and chosen with love. Including the floor. Quick-Step has mastered the art of making dreams come true. Planks in the family room? Tiles in the kitchen? Classic laminate in the bedroom? Quick-Step always has the laminate floor to bring out the personality of the rooms of your home.
Today the mechanical locking system is well established in the market, and has set the standard for the whole industry. Even so - Alloc is still in a leading position among flooring producers in todays laminate flooring market. High quality and good designs characterises their laminate flooring products, and Alloc is always an innovator in new technology and development of new directions in design of laminate flooring.
Pergo is a flooring company with prominent positions in the North American and European markets. The company develops, manufactures and markets flooring of high quality with distinctive designs and unique properties for both homes and commercial areas.